18 Months Old

18 Months Old

Dindin is 18 months old today. One year and a half. That means, one year and a half ago, she came into our lives. What a miracle her becoming was!

When she was still a baby, she had a monthly pictorial. We religiously kept her monthly birthday memories with a photo session. She also had a small celebration courtesy of Mama. Yep! I would cook spaghetti or chicken and invite her uncle and auntie and Lolo and Lola to come over for lunch. When she was 6 months, she had a small cake. At other times, she had cupcake. hehe Whatever we had, we used to celebrate for her monthsary.

When she turned one year old, we no longer religiously followed the celebrations. It does not mean that Dindin is less significant, but I would rather just keep tab of her milestones and that is what I collect in the form of digital photographs. 😀

But today is different. Today, the whole world commemorates 9/11, or the September 11, terrorist attacks in the United States that killed thousands of people. While the people in the other side of the world are preparing for this event, we were invited to the blessing and inauguration of the CORE Center, or the Center of Resources and Equipping–a ministry of Trinity Christian Fellowship.

For us, the significance is doubled. Not only is today the blessing of the CORE, but today we are also celebrating Dindin’s 1 year and a half.

dindin core center

Dindin has been especially fascinated with mirrors for some time now. She likes looking at her face and the different facial expressions that she can make. She is also studying her gestures and stances and how they actually look. Like she would flick her wrist, look at it, and then look at her reflection. Or she would bend backwards from her waist like she was Pilita Corrales and see how far she could go. She is quite amusing to watch. Below, she is so amused with her faux pig tails that she asked for the mirror and looked at herself for some time. If I did not physically remove the mirror from her, she would not give it up.

dindin 18 months

For several months now, Dindin would cover her mouth or face when she cries. But for two days now, things are different. When there are other people around, she probably felt shy that despite her pain, she would control the sound of her crying. I would be unaware that she was already crying until I would just notice her face all turning red, tears streaming from her eyes, and lips quivering. She would be sobbing so hard already but if she has her back turned, you will only see her shoulder bobbing up and down. No sound. It is as if she was embarrassed but could not help but cry. Poor baby! 😀 So refined!

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  1. pepay

    awwwwwww….dalaga na si din2… hihi… she knows how to cry silently na… 1 year and 6 months na ko fan ni badin..hihi… 😀 luv yu badidin!

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