11 Months ago

Today, my daughter Dindin is 11 months old.

When she woke up this morning, I told her that 11 months ago today, she was born. To which she replied, “U?!?” I told her that is right. She mumbled something. She must have forgotten that today is her birthdate or she could not believe herself that she is already 11 months old. *chuckle*

Dindin is really funny. She has almost a comment for everything I tell her.

Anyway, I am preparing a simple set up for her 11th month photography. Yeah, I just do it myself. We have never gone to the studio yet. Maybe when she is older already. Or if she has a younger brother already. Yup! I continually declare a sioti for Dindin. Moreover, I may also ask somebody to help her balance when I take a picture of her while standing up. She can already stand up by herself and balance herself for sometime, but she still falls down.

I am also packing her things for tonight we will have a sleepover at Lolo and Lola’s place. Tomorrow, Dennis and I will attend a one-day parenting seminar so we will leave her with her grandparents’ care. So much for now. I will still be cooking for later.

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