Lovingly Mama for the World Breastfeeding Month

My family during the Milk Code Forum last August 29, 2014.
The seminar I attended when Shane was 2 weeks old at SM Bacolod. Taken last August 2013.

August is World Breastfeeding Month. How poignant it is because this month also marks my second daughter Shane’s first birthday. That means that I had been breastfeeding her for one whole year already!

This little one has her quirks. For example, while side lying, she would suck on the right breast for a little while but she would stay on the left breast. She would sleep while latching, too, but her sleep her co-terminus to the latch. If I get up, she gets up, too. When in the car, she wants me to let both my breasts out so that she can alternate between sucking and fondling while standing up. So you can just imagine how I would look like to people in vehicles that are taller than ours because they could not see her–they can only see my exposed breasts. But I love her to bits and I love the fact that I was able to breastfeed her. I intend to do so until 24 months…or even more.

Shane and I at The Big Latch On — Hakab Na! Flanked by BMBC admins, Jireh (left) and Althea (right).
All the moms who joined Hakab Na.

This month of August, Shane and I celebrated the first year anniversary of our breastfeeding journey. We joined the Hakab Na or The Big Latch on 2014 for the World Breastfeeding Week on August 2, 2014 at the Santuario de La Salle, University of St. La Salle, Bacolod City. It is a worldwide event where breastfeeding moms gather at registered locations in order to simultaneously bring their little ones to the breast at 10:30am. The mechanics is that, the children will have to latch for an entire minute. And thankfully, Shane cooperated with the timed activity. hihi This event aims to promote breastfeeding and raise awareness on the importance of providing proper support to breastfeeding moms.

Participants of the Milk Code Forum.

On August 29, 2014, my entire family came to the Milk Code Forum (E.O. 51) with guest speaker Dr. Anthony Calibo, Child Health Division OIC DOH-FHO and a breastfeeding champion. It was attended by close to 400 participants. After the forum was the formal launching of the photo exhibit of breastfeeding moms where Shane and I are also included.

“The MILK CODE or Executive Order 51 (EO 51) is a law that ensures safe and adequate nutrition for infants through the promotion of breastfeeding and the regulation of promotion, distribution, selling, advertising, product public relations, and information services on artificial milk formulas and other covered products.”

The breastfeeding photo exhibit by CM Fotografia.

I am just so thankful that I was able to breastfeed Shane–a second chance actually, as I had not been successful with my eldest. I am thankful that there had been people who cared enough to help, which is the reason why the Bacolod Mom and Baby Club was set up. I am also thankful to old and new friends who have helped me in one way or the other with their prayers and advice. Most especially, I am thankful to a very supportive husband who had been instrumental in all these–the research and readings, the vitamins and supplements, the back rubs, the encouraging words, and the love.But most of all, I thank God because I was given another child and another chance to rear her differently.God bless all breastfeeding moms! :D

Note: Where not credited, photos were taken for the Bacolod Mom and Baby Club fan page. :D

Baby Bedding: Purple May Be the New Pink

When it comes to selecting colors for your baby’s nursery, traditional wisdom has often got us stuck with blue for boys, pink for girls, and green or yellow if you don’t know your baby’s gender just yet. While those colors still abound among nursery furniture, bedding, and wall paint choices, other colors are starting to make inroads in the traditional nursery palette.

Look at this purple bedding set with animal designs. It is great if you have either a boy or a girl. Photo from babybeddingtown.com

One such color is purple, which is sometimes replacing, or at least complementing, pink accessories in a baby girl nursery. Purple, of course, has an advantage, since it could work equally well for a boy or a girl. It can complement both blue or pink, and it comes in delightful shades from deep plum to light lilac.

If you click here, you’ll discover a lovely 5-piece bedding set for a nursery, designed in gorgeous shades of purple with some touches of rose and misty blue to set it off. While many baby bedding pieces can be purchased separately, the advantage of purchasing a package is that you get all your separates such as quilt, sheet, valance and diaper stacker in coordinating designs and colors. And yes, you get to save some bucks, too, as opposed to buying things individually. You get to save a few bucks per item and when you total them, you get a big discount.

Here is another purple bedding ensemble of butterflies! Photo from babybeddingtown.com

But, if a coordinated set feels a little too complex for your nursery or your wallet, you can always add bright touches of wall art to a neutral colored room. Here again, purple can add some sparkle, whether you’re choosing a clock, frames for pictures, or felt wall art.

There are so many purple touches that you can add to your child’s nursery. Don’t you worry, it is a very happy and attractive color that your children will also appreciate.

Sorry, but I just can’t help posting here a couple of bedding ensembles featuring blue and pink. hehe

Blue nautical ensemble. Photo from babybeddingtown.com

Cutie pink!!!!

The Digital World

G.P. — If you have ever broken a bone, then you know how important it is to get x-rays done within a short time after the incident. And because of modern technology in the field of radiology, we now have digital x-rays.

Digital x-rays are much clearer and it looks like that they are taking over the diagnostic world. And it comes as no surprise. There are several benefits to this type of x-ray. And the most widely name is its convenience–it can be done in doctor’s offices, urgent care clinics, and hospitals across the country.

The kind of image that digital ex-rays produce gives the doctor a clear picture as to what is going on inside a patient’s body. Hence, they are able to make more accurate diagnosis and it just makes the treatment easier in the process of patient care.

The images can then be backed up on a computer so that they are not lost in transit from one location to another. It is easier to send the x-rays to another doctor or hospital instead of waiting on a film to develop.

Since the x-rays don’t take as long to process, the appointment time for patients is greatly reduced. This also makes it easier to see more patients in the office. The radiation is also much lower, which makes many patients feel at ease going through this, as compared to the old school x-ray where you need to wear the large in order to protect you from the radiation.

Additionally, there are no chemicals or developers for the film needed with this type of image, making them safer for the environment.

While many medical developments sometimes do no live up to expectations, the digital x-ray sure is wooing many people to its side. Learn about a digital x-ray online while looking at pictures and reading about the process.

Halloween Costumes for Kids at Lazada

Halloween is just around the corner and although we don’t celebrate it, most people around the world do. For the it’s a fun thing because you get to wear costumes and go trick or treating!

And now comes the fun part–the making of costumes. Parents become artists on Halloween so that they can come up with the most exciting and unique costume for their kids to parade in during Halloween parties. And the kids mostly help out, too, so it becomes kind of a family bonding activity.

Cute Hallloween costumes for boys and girls at Lazada.

But for those who do not have the time to do it or are just too clumsy to handle scissors and needle like me, there is always a solution. First you can go to the malls because for sure they have an abundant display of stuff for Halloween. Or you could go online for hassle-free shopping. I check out Lazada PH and found that they actually have a department now for character costumes and they have a lot of choices for character costumes and accessories for Halloween. And they come in different sizes, too. I fancy a couple of things for my kids, like the Strawberry outfit for Shane and the witch costume for Dindin. hihi These would be nice.

Some of the Halloween accessories you can choose from.

See here for a variety of costumes for boys and girls of all ages as well as accessories like pails, brooms, wands, and many more. Lazada is the just perfect online shopping experience for busy moms like me who seldom go out. I no longer have time to hop from store to store in order to compare prices or check what one has. So online shopping is perfect for me.

So what are you waiting for? Still no costume for Halloween? Log on to Lazada and order yours today. There is still time to delivery. :D