What Is Climate Change?

The world is covered in weather patterns. These include cold winters in the north, monsoons in south Asia, trade winds in the Pacific and many more. When these weather patterns start to change and those changes last for decades or more, it is considered climate change. This may refer to a change in the average weather conditions or simply longer or shorter duration of the usual weather conditions. The world has a history of climate change through variations in solar radiation, biotic processes, volcanic eruptions and plate tectonics. However, recent significant climate change has been attributed to human activity. This is called global warming.

Photo from the internet.

What is Global Warming?
The average temperature of the earth has gone up 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit in the past 100 years, and it is projected by scientists to continue rising from two to 11.5 degrees Fahrenheit in the next 100 years. These changes may seem small on paper, but they can cause catastrophic changes in weather patterns. Some of the changes already seen are changes in rainfall causing flooding in some places and drought in others. Another change is a rise in heatwaves. There have been big changes in glaciers all over the world, and they melt faster than ever before. The oceans are warming causing the ice caps to melt and sea levels to rise.

The Human Effect
The activities of humans over the past 100 years have released a large quantity of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Most of these gases are produced from burning fossil fuels, but there are other reasons. Deforestation, some agricultural practices and industrial processes are all contributors to the rise in greenhouse gases.

What Do Greenhouse Gases Do?
In a greenhouse, heat is trapped so that the plants inside can have a warm climate in which to grow even if it is too cold outside the greenhouse for them to survive. Greenhouse gases blanket Earth and act like a barrier that keeps energy inside causing Earth to warm. This is why it’s called the greenhouse effect, and it is a natural process that is necessary for life on Earth. However, when the barrier becomes so thick that it doesn’t allow heat to escape at all, it can be dangerous for all the inhabitants of Earth. There are steps humans can take today that will reduce the production of greenhouse gases.

Global Warming or Global Cooling
In the early and middle years of the last century, scientists were still debating whether the greenhouse effect was helping the earth or hurting it. Some scientists argued that it was required to protect Earth from extreme temperatures, which is true, but others pointed out how carbon emissions could cause the barrier to become so thick that it caused global warming. The subject was finally taken up by an international network of scientists who formed the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 1988.

Even though there are still climate change deniers, there is a major global consensus that global warming is a distinct threat to life as we know it, and it is caused mainly by human activity. In Europe, the United States and other countries, policies have been adopted to limit carbon emissions and to develop alternative sources of energy such as solar, wind and biofuel.

How to Give Back To and Help Your Community

Raising funds for injured American servicemen. Photo from the website.

Whether you want to do more for those in your hometown or if you enjoy giving back to all local communities there are various resources available to help you get started on your path. Giving back to your community is not only a way to help others in need, but it is also a way to gain perspective on others and how it is essential to lend a hand when you are capable of doing so on your own.

Organize a Donation Drive
Organizing a donation drive is one way to promote positive actions around your city or local community. Asking for donations of canned goods, clothing, and toys is a way to provide for those who are in need near you with the ability to sustain a living whether they are struggling financially or even homeless. Donation drives can often be promoted in local papers as well as at various city council meetings to encourage the residents of your city or state to participate for the benefit of others.

Promote Local Volunteer Groups and Donation Centers to Friends and Family
Any time you are getting involved with donation centers and volunteer groups it is important to share the information with friends, family members, and those in your social media circle who are interested in helping out and giving back. Promoting local groups can be done in a place of work as well as by utilizing online platforms and social media.

Use Social Media to Raise Funds
Using social media to raise funds for a specific cause is a way to reach hundreds or thousands of users and locals who are currently living in or from your hometown and community. Social media is an ideal platform to raise funds as it allows you to connect with users from across your community without going door-to-door to relay the information and details.

Any time you want to use social media to raise funds for a cause it is important to create a Facebook and social media account page for the cause you have in mind to create an official appearance. Joining local community groups and sharing details of your fund is another way to gather attention and new followers to help in raising the funds necessary for any cause you want to contribute to yourself.

Consider Donating to an Online Fund
Consider donating to an online fund to help someone in need of getting the financial backing they require for a specific cause. Utilizing an online fund service such as the Bob Parsons foundation is a way for you to reach others while lending a helping hand in a time of desperation and need. Donating to an online fund is also easier to promote with the use of social media and your own website or blog, giving you additional exposure and reach to hundreds of thousands of individuals across the globe.

Implementing a few different methods to help in giving back to your community is a way to strengthen a local town or city while also providing resources to those who are in need at all times. Utilizing both local promotional opportunities as well as the ability to create an online presence is a way for you to make the most out of volunteering and working towards giving back to create a happier community in your life.

Giving Flowers to Our Daughters on Valentines Day

Daisies for this year.

Since our second daughter came last year, we started a little Valentine’s Day tradition in the family–that is the giving of flowers to our daughters. Papa hands them their flowers , they get kissed, and they have a little picture taking.

Last year, Shane was only six months old, but of course, she still grasped the toy flower that Papa handed her. This year, she is already 1 year and 6 months and so she already knows how to appreciate things. She was so happy to receive her bunch of flowers, holding them and walking around the room while chanting, “Flowers, flowers, flowers.” She’s so cute. Dindin, naturally, is thrilled. She loves flowers, that’s why she expects them during her recitals.

I am not really a flower kind of girl. Being a practical person, I have always told hubby not to give me flowers on special occasions. He did that only one time, during our first Valentine as a couple about 14 years ago. And it was so expensive that I cringed on the price (yeah, I had to find out). So since then, no more flowers. I would rather spend on food. haha But I would like to do this to our daughters.

Anyway, there are several objectives to flower-giving gesture.

1. We want them to know that they are special and they are loved. In this world, we put so much premium on flowers. So we think that it is one way of telling them that–partly speaking in the language of this world so that the world will not get to them first.

2. We want them to receive their first flowers from Papa–the first man in their life.

3. We want to show them how they should be treated by the future men in their lives. We are indirectly teaching them to expect nothing less than value, love, and respect in their future relationships.

4. We think that if Papa keeps on doing this, they will not easily be swayed or enticed by the first boy who offers them flowers that usually happens during pubescence when hormones are raging. They are already used to it, so there is no longer youthful novelty to it, unless of course, the gesture is done when they are already mature enough to understand the meaning (read: serious relationship).

5. And lastly, we are hoping that they will no longer feel the need to catch up with people in this crazy world of social media influence during this age when your newsfeed crawls with ladies young and old posing with flowers.

The flowers need not be expensive. Last year, it was just toy flowers. This year, Papa bought a dozen of these daisies that cost only P40 a bunch and divided it amongst the three of us. Then he just tied them together with red ribbons. Just a little creativity and he already touched the hearts of his girls. So don’t worry about the expense, ok?

This is a deliberate effort on our part to keep doing this. This is not a fad, not a passing thing, but an investment in the morale of our daughters.

But eventually, in the future, Papa might have to take them out on dates. That, and the flowers, too, to show them how ladies should be treated.

Happy Valentines Day everyone.

Last year, it was toy flowers.